Dienstag, 27. Dezember 2011

Something completly different today

Yeah I know, I terribly neglected my blog this month, BUT I have an excuse ;-)
I have new pets at home and I'm absolutly in love with them.
4 budgies and a dwarf hamster. My former hamster died earlier this month, I loved him, and I was so sad so I decided to give a home to a new one.
She is called Rosalie, born in september, and she's really cute.

And here are my 4 budgies. Greta (white), Kaspar (white-blue), Frau Grün (green) and Henry (yellow). I assumed them from a very nice lady who had become allergic to them and had to give them up.
They are quite noisy, but I love them already =)
I always had budgies when I was a kid and really wanted to have some again =)

So, that's my activity at the moment, but I think I'll find back to miniatures the next days. I'll let you know ;-)
Hugs to all of you!