Mittwoch, 26. Oktober 2011

Blue hydrangea

As promised, here the blue hydrangea.
And I want to thank all of you for your kind comments! It's always a pleasure to read them and it encourages me to continue! 
So thanks a lot!

Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2011

Pink Hydrangea

Finally a new post. I'm so sorry I neglect my blog at the moment, but there's so much I have to do in the next 3 weeks, I don't even know where to start. University started last week and all lecturers think, their lessons are the most important and give us tons of homework. I also have to finish, ok, I have to start my seminar paper I should have done 3 weeks ago. And the show in Rothenburg continually approaches. I'm really panicking...
But there's no point in complaining. So I finished this pink hydrangea tonight. A blue one is already in the making.

Mittwoch, 19. Oktober 2011

Mini Mac

Something definitly not shabby today =D
When I saw Mini Dorks post on her blog with the Mini Apple Iphone and MacBook, I was so in love I couldn't resist.
And now I'm a proud owner of a Mini MacBook, an iPad and an iPhone =)
They are just perfect for my modern house!

If you're also intrested, here's the link to lilu by zuri on etsy

Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2011

New oven for the shabby kitchen

Since I was as busy as a bee with all my stuff for sale, I decided it was time to do something for me!
And as my kit for the oven came to the fore, I spent the afternoon with it.
It's made by Phoenix Models and really heavy as it is white metal.
Now I'm finished and quite pleased with the result!
There's still so much work to do in the kitchen but little by little, the bird builds its nest.

Maybe I'll do a chest or something for the empty spot beside it. But I'm not sure...
We'll see =)

Samstag, 8. Oktober 2011

Water lilies and more

As promised I show you the tubes today. 2 rusty and 2 normal ones, all filled with reed, iris and water lilies.
As all recent plants they will be sold on my upcoming shows.
Hope you like them :)

Freitag, 7. Oktober 2011

Palms and Lilac

As the weather is horrible here the last days, I was quite busy!
I did coco palms

and lilac.

I've also done some tubs with reed and iris, but the casting resin is still drying and so I will show you those tomorrow :)